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YC wins Top 30 Workplaces to Give Back

Our team at Your Creative are super stoked to be named in Smart Company’s Top 40 Best Workplaces to Give Back in 2019. We’ve made it on to the list with some big names including ANZ, PWC and Small Giants. There are only three companies with less than 50 staff in the whole list and we’re one of them!

The list acknowledges Australian organisations that empower their people to have a positive social impact. Organisations range from all sizes and industries, making it a real who’s who of giving.

So how did a tiny team win such a mighty title? 

We told the judges how we empower our team to make a difference. Then they judged and ranked us using three main criteria.


The approach and reach of our impact was assessed by examining the type of programs we offer our staff. The more ambitious these programs, the higher the score. As a small team it’s important we stay laser-focused and solution-orientated. This year we’ve begun to implement a sustainability strategy in-house. Earlier this year we opened our second office (spoiler its next door), we designed the space to respond to environmental factors, using recycled Tasmania Oak for the fit-out and designing a custom kitchen that promotes reducing waste and composting.


The judges looked into other aspects of corporate responsibility and Your Creative’s broader commitments such as our commitment to diversity, recycling programs, etc. Organisations like Your Creative with holistic value propositions received higher scores.

So what do we believe in? Questioning everything and find purpose in our work. It’s simple but its what drives us.

Tech for Good

Unique and innovative activities that stand out received an extra boost and we had a couple of biggies in that department. For the last two years, we’ve been Shifra’s design and development partners, building a web app that provides female health information to refugees and new migrants in their native language. It’s been an invaluable project for our design and development team, learning new skills by co-designing a product for such a diverse and vulnerable, user group. The new Shifra web app will launch in early August.

Secondly, there’s Hassl. If you haven’t heard we launched our internal project management super tool to the public late last year. It’s our secret weapon as to how we’re able to do so much. We have a chunk of our project management automated, our communication instant and never lose files. Managing Shifra on Hassl over the last two years has reduced our overall design and development hours down by 30%. We’ve also been running around Australia, and the world, giving Hassl workshops to NGOs who are looking to get more done with less.

Have look at the full list Top 40 Workplaces To Give Back.

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