Spread hope and kindness in a time of crisis

The internet is a wild place

A melting pot of the human race

Fear, panic, anxiety, dread

But in times of crises

We need truth instead


At the start of the year, there was no way that we could have predicted what was about to happen and the extent of the COVID-19 crisis. But we did know that it was going to be big and that there was already misinformation spreading across the internet. Although the Red Cross is predominantly hands-on, especially in times of crisis, this time we needed to do something a little more digital-focused.

A brand for change in times of crisis.

Brand and digital strategy commissioned by the Australian Red Cross to create an online community, spreading a sense of hope and kindness in a time of crisis. The brand represents the good humans the initiative seeks to reach.



Hope and kindness in a time of crisis

Digital Advocates is an online community, supported by Australian Red Cross, made up of good humans who work together to actively share information and spark conversations. Design to represent all Australian people and represent a community before it existed.

We created a context sensitive kit of graphic assets, a system that could be easily applied and manipulated by the many teams working across Digital Advocates. To spark a social movement taking action to spread responsible, calm and factual information.



To spark a social movement online

Content campaign and social media assets that help people talk about disaster recovery and created a brand that promotes community, a sense of hope and kindness in a difficult time for all Victorian.


The movement created over 1000 people ‘digital advocates’ in a Facebook group of which one digital asset pack has been applied to over 6 months of content including a podcast series.

The brand pack has created ongoing assets for infographics, articles, key tips and other resources to share with the Red Cross communities and networks, and spark conversations that promote storytelling and social connection.

A digital space across platforms

We designed a digital space for promoting community to spread responsible, calm and factual information. Digital Advocates mission is to flatten the curve, help those left most vulnerable, and support people coping with disruption and uncertainty.


A Facebook Group

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This won’t be the end.

As the year comes to an end, COVID-19 certainly hasn’t. The concept of digital advocates will continue to grow as we try and spread hope, kindness and information.

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