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How designers can use data as a positive tool for change

At Your Creative, we are on a crusade to uncover areas of opportunity and add value to business through what we call Intelligent Impact.

What is Intelligent Impact?
Intelligent Impact is our unfair advantage. It’s the madness behind our method. It’s what allows us to continually research and shapeshift; to constantly design and refine until both client and agency are happy. Effectively, Intelligent Impact enables us to translate the complexities of a client’s business into clear opportunity.

We have flipped the traditional client-agency model, so instead of clients briefing us – we brief them. We deep dive through their data and identify the problems that their own clients face. By analysing the everyday experiences of their customers, we gain a greater understanding of who they are and how they behave. This is our first step on the road to change and ultimately changing the fate of businesses for the better.

Designing for behaviour is a core tenet of Intelligent Impact and it heavily informs the Your Creative design philosophy. Most people think data is for computers and management, but we know that data is so much more than numbers. It must serve a purpose. Putting data in the hands of designers is a powerful tool for change. As designers we can use data as a tool of reason, and harness it to create persuasive and emotionally engaging design. That’s how we turn what appears as complex numerical sets and graphs, into simple cultural shifts. We solve problems by transforming data into intelligent design, and present clients with purposeful prototypes – not death by PowerPoint.

We believe one of the greatest signs of intelligence is the ability to change one’s mind; to see things from an alternative perspective, or equally, to take facts on board and form a new opinion that leads to an entirely new vista, vision or impact. That’s when problems become improvement. When little things make big things happen. And when simple solutions accelerate the speed of change.

That’s Intelligent Impact. .

The future has always been about problem solving. And that won’t ever change.

Intelligent Impact is data at its most powerful, infused with human creativity and lateral thinking. It’s the aha moment and the eureka moment that we thrive on and chase. We believe in transforming data into intelligent design that makes real, human connections. And that is our ultimate goal, because when we influence people, we change behaviour and positively affect business.

We don’t do myths or magic. Just Intelligent Impact.

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