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Digital Branding Insights from Pokémon Go

Much of the digital world has been captivated by the launch of game application Pokémon Go with ‘Poké-Paroxysm’ taking over. It’s not often that a never-ending game narrative has the ability to get past the hype.

Unlike the original, ever popular Pokemon, Pokemon Go seems to have no real end point. ‘Got to Catch them all’ isn’t a long-term goal but a fallacy. But, it’s predicted that nothing will stop this gaming demon growing literal arms and legs.

While design and creative gurus may pinpoint success down to the brand and long-term anticipation, Pokemon Go from a technical perspective is also extremely innovate. All-in-all, the beta version has caused a worldwide frenzy. Whether your a small business or a large-scale brand, this viral phenomena deserves a moment of reflection.

5 Strategic lessons learnt from ‘Pokémon Paroxysm’:

1. Brand loyalty is everything.

This game has physically moved its audience showing the power of a brand. High school teens, office workers and doctors alike are choosing a lunchtime brisk walk over a park bench. While we have to give kudos to the game features, people wouldn’t walk 5km for MindSweep. Remember the audience you had at the start, although targeting new demographics is commercially invigorating, the early adopters will always be your brand warriors.

2. Bend Digital Reality.

Pokemon go allows the user to be fully immersed in a different environment, blurring the lines between reality and the digital. When faced with how to engage the digital audience going off the beaten track often pays off. Creatives should put their thinking caps on as to how to provide for the newfound ‘high maintenance’ audience that is constantly connected and constantly updating. They want adventure thrusted upon them.

3. The Story Matters

It’s long been known that engaging stories make or break a brand. That’s why Your Creative weren’t surprised when we saw that the next round of Pokemon Go updates all centred on building the story. Audiences crave an emotional connection to their brands. They want to know their chosen leader founded their poke-gym. Integrate the story from the start, make it not only present but central to your marketing.

4. Consumers Expect Customisation

Even more unsurprising in the new updates are added levels of customisation.In order to keep gamers coming back for more they need to be able to see a point of difference in their user experience. The digital expectations are clear – brands need to accommodate the individual. To do this effectively we must analyse our audience’s differences and similarities.

5. Integrate Social Networks

Creativity, innovation & customisation are just not enough. What we’ve learn from Pokemon Go is that social can refer to an intersection of interests. People are no longer afraid of the stranger (if he has a Pikachu on him). If we embrace this social shift there’s room for more dynamic approaches to social inclusion within brand strategies.

Cultural phenomena, digital disruptor, gaming wormhole – here at Your Creative we’re sure we’ll learn many more lessons from the genius that is Pokemon Go.

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