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Can data cultivate empathy?

Data is a common term across digital. Whether it’s marketing, brand engagement or creating products, data is central to understanding a brand’s audience or reach.

By definition data is “facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.” Driven by science, data allows us to form a clear understanding of patterns and trends.

Here at Your Creative we’re constantly blending practicality with engagement. For this year’s TEDx Melbourne conference we sought to utilise data analysis to foster community.

How can we use data to engage & inspire?

1. Pose a question, ask for nothing.

Via our TEDx Melbourne website, we asked the community to contribute without pretext, asking the question of “What does our world need most right now?”.

It’s not a form, it asks for no personal information or data at all, just individual’s ideas.

2. Empower through sharing. 

Creating an anonymous sharing feature promoted community interaction, encouraging more people to share genuine thoughts, and tweet their response to their own micro-community.

3. Turn the intangible into a visual.

There involvement has not, and will not be superficial. Using all the captured data TEDx Melbourne developed an immersive environment for the audience at the event itself.

Involving the audience so heavily in all aspects of the experience is the most important feature of this data project.

Ultimately, you can’t have a revolution without the people.

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