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Australia Post

Defining Australia Post’s employee brand for impact: telling the story of their people, their purpose and the everyday moments in between.

For over 200 years Australia Post has been an integral and ever-evolving organisation that continues to keep pace with the demands of the modern world. They ensure our communities stay connected, and that the essential services they provide, remain easily accessible.

We came on board to imagine an employee brand that tells the story of a bustling culture built on connecting a country from A to B and all the moments in between.


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  • Branding
  • Campaign
  • Photography & Video
  • Strategy
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Reflecting a culture that champions the future of work. 

For this to create impact and resonance in a busy talent market, we knew we’d need to break new ground, while maintaining synergy with the consumer brand and cohesion across multiple channels.


Our approach was simple; let the culture lead the narrative.

Naturally, we went straight to the heart of the business, taking a large-scale deep dive to truly unearth the core of so many unique voices, and communicate the authentic essence of the team experience – one of true diversity.

This (looked a little something like over) incorporated 25,000 survey responses, a series of workshops, and a stack of quantitative and qualitative data research that involved insights spanning the entire business, across varying team segments, role types, age groups, locations and more.


As the world changes, so do we. We’re delivering like never before. We’re delivering from the office to the warehouse and every parcel along the way — and we want you to join us for the ride.

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