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Creative Lessons from Our Developers

More often than not web design and development is separated into two semi-friendly camps. The process relies on the web designer, fuelled with design knowledge and creative flare, informing a development team of the vision, aesthetic and functionality of the website.

Here at Your Creative we do things a bit differently. From the get-go our web designers are informed by our lead developer (he’s a gem). This way we can always make sure the technology and functionality drives the design. Truly understanding what you can make a website do from a development point of view provides our designers with a ‘skies the limit’ approach to design.

Every month we ask our lead developer to put down the code and back away from the Apple Mac to teach us the latest functional and technical trends. The lessons we learn from our digital natives opens new creative doors for our designers and allow our client strategies to be driven by innovation.

Here’s a recap of this month’s insight…..

Analytics can inform Design

When we think of analytics we think of Google and the value it has as an add-on for clients. Google analytics allows businesses to have a clear idea of their digital metrics and traffic after a site has launched. Our developer posed the question: What if the analytics became the design precedent? Analytical tools such as CrazyEgg allow you to view heat and scroll maps showing how frequently certain site areas are being clicked, and how far down people scroll through content. Applying more extensive analytical tools can provide unique metrics to inform designers of the best strategic approach to phase two.

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