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5 Spots to ‘Wander Work’ in Melbourne

Our team ethos has always, and will always, centre on bending the realities of conventional workplaces. Anyone working within digital has the opportunity to connect and create from just about anywhere.

At Your Creative Melbourne HQ we’re lucky enough to have our office full of our Art Director’s neon pieces and a studio for photography projects. Although the multi-coloured office is hard to leave, we promote the act of ‘wander working’.

Here’s a breakdown of our top 5 Melbourne spots to wander work…


yourcreativeagency - 5 Spots to ‘Wander Work’ in Melbourne


Melbourne community design inspiration

Probably the only hilly spot in all of inner-city Melbourne, CERES community environmental park reminds the design thinker that non-digital communication exists. This Brunswick utopia consists of a nursery, community gardens, indigenous education centre, river-side walks and Merri Table cafe.

Good For: Power-walk meetings – grab a colleague and walk it out. Remember to bring a notepad or iPhone to write any key meeting notes.

Bad For: Using your laptop, best to come here if it’s a paper and pencil type of project task.


yourcreativeagency - 5 Spots to ‘Wander Work’ in Melbourne


This suggestion might seem entirely humorous but hear us out. Nestled in the heart of Fitzroy, near the corner of Johnston and Brunswick, artists Karsten Jurkschat and Alex Little have renovated the alleyway to pay tribute to the leading lady. As a female business owner, I say take some time out to feel empowered by a kick-ass female lead then head to Mario’s for coffee and emails.

Good For: Pre-meeting preparation including coffee, female empowerment and a smile.

Bad For: Deadline days where laughs aren’t frequent.


yourcreativeagency - 5 Spots to ‘Wander Work’ in Melbourne


This suggestion comes from our lead designer James Lim.

“This is an example of how Melbourne isn’t afraid to think outside the box. The design reinvigorates the confines of a boring concrete space, designer Axel Peemoeller has managed to draw awe out of the mundane, and that’s worth exploring.” James Lim

Good For: Designers hoping to reinvent the wheel and gain inspiration beyond Pinterest.

Bad For: Phone calls – you’ll get little to no phone reception here so make sure you’ve told your colleagues and clients you are out of the office for an hour to sit in a carpark and draw (they’ll love it).


yourcreativeagency - 5 Spots to ‘Wander Work’ in Melbourne


We regularly venture to the southside and in-between shoots/meetings/workshops we can be found at Market Lane cafe, hidden at the back of the Prahran Markets. The perfect spot to gain inspiration from other cultures and bright colours.

Good For: Laptop sessions with a spot of multi-cultural inspiration including food, drinks and smells.

Bad For: Silent working – Monday & Wednesday are the only days you can order coffee without a side of bustling market, if you need to work in a quite place, try St Edmonds cafe around the corner.


yourcreativeagency - 5 Spots to ‘Wander Work’ in Melbourne


Forty-five minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, we find the You Yangs to be a unique ‘wander work’ space for digital natives. Why? It’s a mountainous track, full of native plants, beautiful views and has exceptional 4G connection.

Good For: Clarifying strategy decisions through fresh air and raised heart rates.

Bad For: Now, you could sit on top the of track tethering your 4G to a laptop but we suggest this sort of mid-week hike is used to think, not type.