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TOM Organic

TOM Organic is Australia's leading organic feminine hygiene brand. They are founded on the vision that products can have a beautiful impact for ourselves and our planet. We work with TOM Organic across a range of strategy and creative projects to turn their powerful vision and messaging to life.


  • Content Strategy
  • Digital audit & analysis
  • Campaigns
  • Video & animation
  • Social media
  • Content Strategy

    During a 6-week period of analysis and research we compiled a two-part report and collection of creative ideas to ensure TOM's mature voice and clear vision was being heard across all social & digital channels.

  • We can't tell you campaign...

    Video-based campaign for TOM Organic was across all social channels. Our concept was simple, shock the audience in under 10 seconds. Make them know why TOM's is so important to females. Our videos were seen, receiving over 60,000 views across Facebook and Instagram.

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