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The Cool Hunter

Founded in 2004, The Cool Hunter has remained one of the world’s most widely read design and pop-culture sites, a leading authority on all things stylish and luxury. With its new retail flagship concept space, our role was to extend the retail aesthetic to the digital. Our brief - engage and intrigue hundreds of thousands of cool hunters. Your Creative strategic rebrand and redevelopment of TCH’s digital ecosystem focused on creative innovation, digital strategy & effective e-commerce technologies.


  • Web Design
  • Development
  • SEO & Digital Strategy
  • Mobile Development
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Branding
  • Editorial Journal

    TCH's blog is world renowned. Our vision was to create an ever-changing editorial layout. Engaging on every visit & making the gorgeous content the focal point. Our responsive masonry layout does just this.

  • E-Commerce Mobile Experience

    The Cool Hunter's bespoke and user-centric mobile experience driven by simple and stylish navigation. Our design and development allows bold statements to be digested on small screens.

  • Brand Identity

    Incorporating TCH's new brand identity into the digital. Our logo design conveys TCH as a true thought-leader, established & global.

  • Digital Strategy

    Part of the wider digital strategy was the importance of branded content for both the site and social media. Our hybrid of editorial photography & vector art created the wow factor.

  • With unparalleled social presence, engaging, on-brand social content was an essential component to our strategy.

  • Targeted Email Campaigns

    With an ever-growing subscribers list, our reinvention of the influential 'TCH Newsletter' focuses on the intersection of curated content & targeted product call to actions.

  • Digital Illustrations

    Brand Identity is everything with TCH. Bespoke illustrated icons further uplift the brand's presence as a global style leader.

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