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TEDx Melbourne 2017

An identity that combines the TED ethos ‘ideas worth spreading’, the creative spirit of Melbourne & the rebel in all of us.


  • Branding & Concept
  • Space Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation
  • Social Content
  • Melbourne Design Award Winner

    The brand identity needed to call on the TEDx Melbourne community to contribute and immerse themselves in provocative thought.

    We created a powerful & malleable identity representing the three steadfast pillars of this year’s theme - rebels, revolutionaries and us. Each pillar standing boldly in unison but able to portray the message of TEDx on their own.

    As TEDx Melbourne is only a tangible experience once a year, we’ve utilised community and digital to leave an intangible mark, encouraging people to share and conceive new ideas. As the audience can add their voice and thoughts in a more meaningful way, discussions surrounding this year's ideals can be broadened and deepened, giving way to new ideas and solutions.

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