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  • Moments that matter 18.09.17

    Can data cultivate empathy?

    Data is a common term across digital. Whether it’s marketing, brand engagement or creating products, data is central to understanding a brand’s audience or reach. By definition data is “facts and statistics …

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  • Content Creation 17.09.17

    Animation shouldn’t be an After-effect.

    The power of animation is underrated as a commercial creative tool. In today’s ever dense digital landscape often still image is not enough to create traction. Animation can provide an immersive experience beyond the …

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  • Digital insights 10.04.17

    3 Game-Changing Digital Trends of 2017

    In all digital industries, a lot can change over 12 months. 2016 saw the rise of Instagram adverts, fake news and live streaming. Here’s our predictions for the coming year. 1. Big …

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