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Animation shouldn’t be an After-effect.

  • The power of animation is underrated as a commercial creative tool.

    In today’s ever dense digital landscape often still image is not enough to create traction. Animation can provide an immersive experience beyond the level that a still image can.

    Our project with Ginger & The Ghost sought to create a unique level of engagement by creating a hyper-real moving image made out of curated still images. With the goal to engage and amaze the audience, our process involved looking at Ginger & The Ghost existing brand aesthetic and seeing where exploration into animation lay.


    “We crossed the boundaries of photography and animated content to create a hyper-engaging vessel to portray Ginger & The Ghost’s contemporary surreal identity.”

    James Lim, our hero. 


    Beyond the realms of creative expression, movement can be a useful tool for a brand’s commercial goals. The digital space is crammed full of content and brands need to innovate in terms of graphic campaigns and method. Moving graphic is a medium that engages like no other. When video creation is out of scope animation can be a resourceful way to bring still imagery to life, especially now social platforms such as Instagram are creating more effective ways to engage followers via video. The extra thrifty brand manager will use targeted animations across a range of digital platforms – reducing resources & creating effective impact.

    Get in touch to discuss targeted animation possibilities for your brand.


    Posted on July 25, 2016 Uncategorized By Lauren Crystal
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